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Mechanical Engineering
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We strive to produce Mechanical Engineering Diploma Graduates with sound technical and innovative approach, to pursue diverse and successful careers in emerging environments and entrepreneurship.


  • To provide state-of-the art facilities and impart quality education inMechanical Engineering to enrich student's intellectual & physical skills.
  • To enhance overall academic performance of the students methodically, thereby increasing their placement potential & capability in pursuing higher studies.
  • To develop the students to face with courage intellectual and ethical careerchallenges.
  • To educate the students for effective technical communication as an individualand as a team.
  • To motivate staff and students for creative thinking, therebyenriching the teaching-learning experience.
  • To develop the Department of Mechanical Engineering as a Centre ofExcellence in the field of 'Mechanical Design' and 'Manufacturing Automation' in next 10 years.

Curriculum & Syllabus

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Laboratory Facilities

In Computer Aided Machine Drawing Lab, we describe conventions, symbols and standards used in Engineering drawing as per ISI recommendations and understand the importance of keys, thread, screws and fasteners. Construct / Design the part and assembly drawings of different machines assemblies with the use of CAD packages like Auto CAD. It provides Visualize and sharpening the creativity skills in developing new ideas efficiently.

In Process Automation Lab, We explain about direct operation of single & double acting cylinders with quick exhaust valves design and execute the circuits. We demonstrate speed control methods to design and execute metering-in and metering-out controls of double acting cylinders and LOGIC GATES circuits, ON & OFF delay timer circuits and Up & Down counter circuits using Janatics Electro pneumatic trainer kit with SIEMENS PLC.

In Lathe Shop, We provide the students to identify the various parts of a centre lathe for understanding their functions. We provide demonstration for learning various work holding devices and tools for various operation.

In practical session, we give hands-on practice to the students for performing the various operations in a lathe machine.

In Foundry shop, we demonstrate the various types of mould patterns with tools for preparing simple sand moulds.

In Welding Shop, We demonstrate and train the students in the area of arc and gas welding with the aid of equipments and safety aspects.

In Special Machine Shop, we provide opportunity for the students to identify the various parts and accessories of shaping, grinding, milling, Tool and Cutter grinder and slotting machines. We provide the facility to make the different components in the above machines with the use of various machine tools. We teach the calculation of the indexing movement for making gear cutting operation in a milling machine.

In Thermal Lab, We demonstrate and give practice for finding the flash point, fire point and viscosity of any given oil using suitable tests. We provide hands-on practice for determining the timing of ports and valves for both S.I and C.I engines. We support the students to measure the performance of I.C engines, interpret the results and draw the heat balance sheet and analyze the characteristics of an I.C engine. We give the practice to the students for determining the volumetric efficiency of an air compressor and find the thermal conductivity of the given specimen using relevant tests. We provide the experiment test for the refrigeration system to determine COP.

In Automobile lab, we elaborate the various tools and their applications to the students. We explain the construction & working of petrol & Diesel Engine and Find AC Fuel fuel pump, oil pump and water pump also carburetors and Deconstruct service in it. The students learn the power Transmission and Differential unit of the vehicle and fuel injection pump with fuel injectors. We explain the various Types of steering Gearbox & Testing the charging of batteries.

In Computer Aided Design and manufacturing Lab, We demonstrate the basic concepts of solid modeling tools using CREO CAD software. Making the students to construct / design the part and assembling 3D drawings of different machine components using CREO CAD software. We explain the use of international codes to write the CNC part programming and check for correctness in the EDGE CAM software. We provide required knowledge to write and execute CNC part program in the EDGE CAM simulation software and producing the components in CNC Turning machines and CNC Milling machines.

Metallurgical Lab Identifies Material Defects & Structure The engineers in Laboratory Testing Inc.'s metallurgical analysis laboratory can examine samples to detect surface and internal flaws, determine microstructural features, evaluate heat treatments and ensure conformance to required specifications.

QC monitors activities related to the examination (analytic) phase of testing. The goal of QC is to detect, evaluate, and correct errors due to test system failure, environmental conditions or operator performance, before patient results are reported..

Determination of co-efficient of performance of the unit when working as heat pump and when working as refrigerator. Calculation of Energy balances for complete system over a range of operating conditions. To determine overall heat transfer co-efficient for condenser and evaporator.

Guest Lectures

Industrial Visits

  • Neyveli Lignite Corporation Limited (Thermal Station), Neyveli.
  • Ashok Lyland, Ennore, Chennai
  • Cheyyar Chilling Plant, Cheyyar.
  • ICF, Perambur.
  • Nuclear Power Plant, Kalpakkam.
  • T.C.P. Limited (Power Division), Gummidipoondi.
  • Cheyyar Co-operative Sugar Mill, Cheyyar.
  • Faculty